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Buy unisom sleepgels, or sleepy pants). This morning I was reading a recent article in the South China Morning Post, entitled, 'China is a big mistake for Britain,' in which the author has nerve to talk about London's cultural role in China and the UK. He goes on to make a number of comments which, I think, are as dangerous they false. The first is this – At the moment it is hard not to see the future of London as having been built on Chinese soil. The government must hope that Brexit is not a watershed and that London survives as a world center that links all the capital of world cultures. The first of problems with this is that he implies China built London – and no, he's not talking about the wall built after last century's civil war in China, which has been completely blown for the last few years and now looks like a piece of rubbish. The second problem is that I really don't think it's true. I am sure there is some truth in the idea that British civil wars are a seminal event in the world's history, but to suggest that the London economy was built on Chinese soil is utterly ridiculous. There are far more Chinese people and businesses in London unisom sleep aid uk – including many of the top financial services companies – than there are people and businesses from Britain living in China. Most of those China who settled in the last 40 years have been in the service sector, whereas new generation of migrants coming here are the first generation to grow up in high-income families. The only difference is in level of education and social mobility. The number of people in Britain Chinese origins who are university graduates is growing is unisom available in the uk rapidly; the number of children those students with top Oxbridge university education is increasing rapidly; the number of British people Chinese origins in top management and consultancy firms the high ranks of corporate service industry is increasing rapidly. And the number of people Chinese origins who are self-employed in the UK is growing increasingly, so that in 2013, the government found evidence of almost 30,000 self-employed people Chinese origins with a total income of more than 1m pounds. But this is still a tiny proportion of the total migrant population – just over one in 5,000 and, if you're the British government, it's probably not representative of the whole nation. By contrast, the number of British people Chinese origins and the number of Chinese schools in Britain have grown rapidly and, by the beginning of this decade, there were more than 2,000 schools in England and Wales catering for English Chinese pupils. As the British business sector, just over 400 Chinese businesses have left the UK in recent years and, some cases as many 1,000 Chinese firms have relocated from the UK to other countries. This in effect has created a different London in Britain. The Chinese-run investment arm of Goldman Sachs – which just moved into the City from Hong Kong – is only the most prominent example of this, but there are so many others. It is clear from a wide range of evidence that the Chinese are moving in opposite direction. But there you are again, talking nonsense. And, as a final point, the notion that 'Britain is a global financial centre' simply nonsense because there, as we all know, it is not. There are some global financial services companies which are based in London, but, as I'm fond of pointing out, China has very few financial services companies in London. And there are a lot of finance professionals in London working for global firms, but most of them are based in New York.

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