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Oral prednisone dosage for uveitis, which is a condition in vision impaired. Oculogyric surgery involves a small incision or incision. The procedure is done under skin. The procedure involves removal of optic nerve. This procedure usually does not have any side effects. It is done to fix any visual problems in the eye. Posterior choroidal window If the posterior choroidal window is open, then the eye may become dry and swollen. This condition may also lead to blurred vision and a decrease in vision. A choroidal window is small blood vessel that under the choroid layer of eye. It is surrounded by a thin layer of fatty tissue. This condition results from not having enough blood vessels to carry oxygen the choroid, and to transport it the lens. This causes a decrease in the amount of oxygen being delivered to the eye. This condition is easily treated with medication. A choroidal window is best treated if it open. The most effective treatment comes with surgery, in which the blood