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Description : Shanteru is a lost civilization in a fantasy world. The theme was greatly inspired by Tomb Raider Legend. It is a small map designed for 1v1 and 2v2 deathmatch gameplay.

Type : UT2007 - Deathmatch

Purpose : This map was created as a final project for my demo reel right before graduating. As of writing this, it is June/06, even though the map is listed as a UT2007 map. The map will not be released in UT2004...probably. I have become so happy with the design and flow of it that I've decided to move it to next-gen and try to release it very soon after UT2007 launches, probably early 2007.

Design : 100% original design

Content : All Unreal Engine work, modeling and lighting done by John Palamarchuk. Textures from UT2004.

Duration : 5 weeks

Extra Info
: These screenshots are of the UT2004 version which is more than anything a test version of this soon-to-be UT2007 map.

: Wait until Feb/07! :P




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