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Description : Monster Smash is the most ambitious Game Wizards project yet! It is a full multiplayer deathmatch converion UT2004 mod, featuring 6 individual characters with unique weapons and characteristics for each. The battle takes place in this spooky mansion, of which the screenshots are just showing a preview of the main foyer. Monster Smash features a special and distinct area in the level for each of the monster fighters.

Type : UT2004 - Total Conversion Deathmath Mod

Purpose : Created for the Game Wizards class.

Design : Mansion design and layout credited to John Palamarchuk. 6 teams are collaborating assets for each of the "themed" areas in the mansion. John is leading the general mansion team as well as overseeing the entire level production.

Content : Textures, assets, lighting and animations are purely unique content created by the Game Wizards production team.

Duration : 6 months of Game Wizards class (4 hours per week)

Extra Info
: These screenshots are strictly from the mansion foyer area of the map. MonsterSmash features 10 x the unique content seen in these screenshots and I urge you to check it out!

: Monster Smash is currently in development and should be released in July/August 2006.




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