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Description : An original creation and theme. DM-Azunai was inspired from environments in the Dungeon Siege series.

Type : UT2004 DM - Custom Level

Purpose : Created for fun and experience. Azunai was my first serious attempt at an Unreal Engine 2 map. While it was turning out well, other projects forced me to push it aside and to this day it is still far from completion, although fully playable.

Design : Fully original Level Design.

Content : Texturing, lighting and meshes. Azunai features several assets created just for the level. These assets are completely original and my own concepts.

Duration : 3 Weeks

Extra Info
: Place the .usx file in the StaticMeshes folder, the .utx in the textures folder and .ut2 in the maps folder.

: DM-Azunai




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