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Description : A remake of the Quake 1 classic Abandoned. Everything intact perfectly, except there is no way to kill everyone swimming in the water with the lightning gun like you could in Quake 1. I suppose a mutator could do that, but this map was created for a DM Weapons tournament.

Type : UT1999 DM - Custom Level

Purpose : Created for client - Teamplay.net
(no longer exists). Teamplay.net was the premiere North American UT99 ladder and contacted me for a custom map created for the Unreal Tournament Conquest tournament.

Design : Perfect Quake 1 conversion, no personal design elements were implemented besides lighting, texture, etc.

Content : Textures are from stock UT99, all BSP & Lighting was created from scratch for this map.

Duration : 2 Weeks

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: DM-Abandoned (UT99)




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